About Us

About us

Prepped Values

Prepped Values



We set out to do one thing and do it well: prepare good food that people can finish off easily at home. We do the legwork, so you can enjoy great food without the fuss – at home, when you want.



We care about you, and we care for the environment. Whether it’s going the extra mile to source ingredients without additives, finding ethically raised meat, or hunting our biodegradable packaging, we feel these things are more important that profit.



We love nothing more than a good meal and want you to enjoy yours. A lot of thought has gone into every detail, and everything we offer is made from scratch, by hand, in our kitchens.



The Prepped concept has become what it is today by listening. Whether that’s listening to you to hear about a dish you’d like to see on the menu, or to a supplier about some wonderful new produce, we think listening is important… we’ll let our food do the talking for us!

We put in a whole lot of legwork… Pre-Prepped


We source seasonal ingredients from our suppliers.

We host regular taster evenings to develop our recipes

We listen to feedback to finesse and finalise the menu

We select the perfect drinks pairings for your meal

Prepped People

Prepped People

Emma, Director of Food

Emma has over 25 years’ experience cheffing and consulting. If she were a name dropper, Emma would tell you she’s worked with the likes of Angela Hartnett, Gordon Ramsay and Smart Hospitality.
She has some pretty impressive roles on her CV, and has built up some equally impressive supplier relationships too – relationships that Prepped is now tapping into: hurray!

Simon, Founder

Cambridge based, Simon is a long-suffering commuter and advertising man who has worked with some of the biggest household brands.
Among his many claims to fame is the creation of the award-winning technology based Guardian newspaper coffee shops, in London and New York.

Steve, Founder

Steve cut his teeth in the catering industry before starting successful businesses in the arts and marketing industries.
He’s also a keen investor in the food and drink sectors, because he basically enjoys the finer things in life, like a great meal.